Mini Mayhem boys clothes

Another birthday around here

I was 34 weeks pregnant when I started Mini Mayhem, and we just celebrated Mini Mayhem turning one the other week, so it should come as no surprise that we had another birthday around here last week.  Sweet little Miss E turned the big 1!

This milestone was celebrated with a little party at our place with the theme "a little ray of sunshine".  Which she usually is.  Except when she is being miserable and cranky.

I tend to go a little bit crazy for parties.  Not in the dollars sense, in fact I tend to bring them in pretty cheaply.  But I do make a lot of rods for my back. Not that I mind.  Actually I find it quite relaxing to sit down and make heaps of teeny tiny flowers out of gum paste.  Or to sew a bunch of crowns.  Kind of like my yoga.

So here you go, we all love a good stickybeak!

The VERY yellow cake.  Which had swirls of purple through it.  Although I have to admit it does kind of look a little like mould.  But it certainly didn't stop people from demolishing it.

Here is the Mini Mayhem family.  And down the bottom?  A photo taken each month for the past 12 months that we have had our little sweet pea.  We love you so much little miss E.  You make our little family complete.  xx