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Birthday dollhouse

As you would recall, our sweet little E turned one last month. And as big fans of handmade we thought it would be lovely to make her a beautiful dollhouse for her gift.

We also knew this present would be loved by our three year old boy O who is quite partial to a bit of dollhouse action when we visit friends. So we asked for his input during the design process. This is what he came up with:

I can kind of see where he was going with that. This is Mr Mini Mayhem's take on that:

And after some serious power tool time in the garage along with some frustrating attempts by me to wallpaper the back walls, this is what we came up with:

I think it is just super gorgeous. And Mr MM's idea to put it on top of the little green Ikea rug is just inspired!

Since our little E is still at that age where everything goes into her mouth, we decided that proper furniture was still a little while away. But we couldn't have a completely unfurnished house so I decided to make some 2D decorations that could be laminated and stuck onto the walls.

(It may have been all about me and things I would like in my very own dollshouse.)

E is totally taken with the dollshouse and is thoroughly enjoying playing with it. Unfortunately for my beautiful decorations, she has developed somewhat of a taste for them. Literally. She thinks they are delicious. I should probably take it as a compliment that the photo of the two of us was the first one she decided to eat!