Mini Mayhem boys clothes

Happy Birthday Mini Mayhem!

Well it has officially been 12 months (and a couple of weeks) since Mini Mayhem left my head and my sketch books and launched into the world.

At the time it became a reality I was 34 weeks pregnant, just starting maternity leave and also wrangling my two year old bundle of energy.

I had fairly modest expectations of how we would go in this first year and I can quite happily say that they have been exceeded, doubled and then some!

But while the numbers of sales is a big deal, more important to me is the great feedback that I've received from you, our lovely customers.  It just makes my heart sing with joy that you and your little people love our shirts enough that you are willing to part with your hard earned cash.

I certainly didn't set out to be a t-shirt designer.  While I did study visual arts at uni straight out of high school, life took a different turn and somewhere along the way I ended up as a criminal lawyer.  While this is a perfectly respectable career, I always hoped that I would end up one of those people who "used to be a lawyer".  There are enough of them around.  Just watch Masterchef - most people are desperate to get out of law!!

But making shirts for you and your littlies has turned out to be the thing that fits perfectly for me.  It allows me to exercise my creative streak (alright, it is probably a whole head of foils rather than a streak!).  It allows me to make a LOT of mess in the name of creativity.  It gives me an excuse to do book keeping and accounts (I know, what a sad act would think that was fun??).  It allows me an outlet for my love of things like Lego and Star Wars!!

And most important of all, it allows me the opportunity to be at home with the most important people in my world, my two little people.

So thank you to all of the people who have bought our shirts, some repeatedly! To those who have featured them in their blogs, or on their websites.  Thank you to the owners of stores who stock our shirts and thank you just to those people who I meet at markets who tell me they think they are pretty awesome.

So do we.  And I can promise that there is plenty more to come.  So stay tuned and lets see what the next year will bring.