Mini Mayhem boys clothes

We heart Lego

"Hi my name is Mrs Mini Mayhem & I am a Legoholic".

It probably all started nearly 30 years ago when my dad brought me home a box of Lego that made a small car with a person. From there it kind of steamrolled - Christmas was the riding school, the police station soon followed and a trip to hospital saw us both building the hospital on my bed. Eventually a table that rolled out from under my bed was constructed to house the now sizeable Lego city that lurked beneath me each night as I slept. I loved building them, playing with them and simply just having them.

I wish I could say that I still had that great Lego collection. Unfortunately a house move when I was 15 was the last time I sighted them. Thankfully I now have a little boy who loves to build as much as I did. And so does his daddy. Mr Mini Mayhem is often found protecting his newly built constructions from a toddler on the rampage on a weekend morning. We both have our different styles - Mr MM sticks with a more stable construction style while mine is a grounded less in stability and more in light-filled atriums.

It isn't limited to buildings either. We are also amassing a collection of the wonderful minifigs that are being released in various series. While this may seem a little lame to some, it provides us with entertainment on many an evening over a few glasses of wine. They find themselves in silly little set-ups, compromising positions and almost certainly the wrong outfits. Their antics are often documented on camera - I even acquired a set of macro extension tubes just for this purpose.

So expect to see a bit more of these guys floating around on this blog.