Mini Mayhem boys clothes

Our little photographer

So I haven't been the best blog owner. In fact I've been downright terrible at nurturing this little blog.

It isn't because I am not up to the task. I have had a personal blog that I have maintained for three and a half years now. I won't bore you with it's name - it is the kind of stuff that only family and good friends would really be interested in. And even they are probably just being polite. But I feel that gives me some kind of cred in the blogging stakes.

No it would seem that my inability to maintain this blog is probably just laziness on my part. Well that and the fact that I have a somewhat challenging three year old, a now eight month old and a fledgling business, oh and a poor neglected husband as well. Although that isn't really much of an excuse as it seems that we all have at least one of those things, usually more, throw in a job somewhere or at least a few hobbies and we are all under the pump. So I won't cry busy to you.

Right, it is agreed, laziness it was.

Well that is about to change. I've tarted things up a bit (more blog bling improvements to come) and I will endeavour to update you on things around here more regularly. I'm not sure what you should expect. It certainly won't be all business. I have a lot of things I love to do - making t-shirts of course and being with my lovely ones. But I also love photography, sewing, baking, kid's books, a good op-shop and the occasional run. So feel free to tune back and see how this evolves. Your guess is as good as mine!

And something pretty to look at today - our little O is allowed the use of our point and shoot camera (don't worry it is one of those indestructible ones you can throw at some rocks underwater and it will still work. Probably). He takes some wacky little shots. His toys feature a lot. So does his sister. Not all of her. Usually just an eye or the occasional foot. I also love the one he took of our shadows on the beach. So enjoy them and I'll let you see some more sometime soon. If I remember.