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The Easter wrap up

There are no hot cross buns left, the supplies of chocolate are dwindling and it seems overdue to take our decorations down, but Easter was only here less than a week ago.

It was wonderful here. No camping trips or long journeys. Just a blissful four days spent as a little family without the interruption of work. O and I made salt dough decorations for our Easter tree (formerly a box that some shirts arrived in). We baked hot cross buns. We had a lovely morning at the nearby beach on the kayak. We ate pork belly (not Easter-y but definitely yummy!). We let O stay up late (till 8pm!) and watch Disney movies. I made apple pie with pastry from scratch.

And on the big morning we were delighted to see that the Easter bunny had been, nibbled his carrot, drank his milk and left 34 eggs in our garden. Now if only O would stop asking to go out and check the garden again to see if there are any more eggs in there!!!