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Pillowcases for oncology kids

Our friends at Handmade Highstreet are running a pillowcase drive in March on behalf of Pillowcases for Oncology Kids. POK perform an amazing role in delivering beautiful handmade pillowcases to sick kids in hospitals around Australia. Pop over to the POK site to check out their story and to see some of the great work they are doing.

It would be fantastic if anyone who can even remotely sew a straight line could make the effort to knock up a pillowcase this month. They are ridiculously easy to make (a good project for a beginner too!) and Kath has even made a whizz bang fabbo tutorial showing you how, so there are no excuses. Pop over to Handmade Highstreet's page to check it out.

If you are up for the challenge drop me an email at and I will forward the information pack (including measurements and instructions). Your cases don't need to be fancy. Just something made with love that can brighten the hospital stay of a sick littlie.