Mini Mayhem boys clothes

Sugar & spice & all things nice. Is that what little girls are made of?

Since starting Mini Mayhem recently I have had quite a few people ask me whether I will be doing any designs for girls in the near future. To be honest, it isn't something that I had really considered before. I guess the reason for this is probably that as a mother of a little boy my world revolves around all the stuff that makes little boys tick. Stuck in roadworks? Not a problem, check out that excavator or the skid steer loader (seriously, I know the names for them now). Traffic accident? Look at the fire engines and ambulances (and avert your eyes from the physical carnage).

Actually I'm pretty sure I always liked "boy" stuff anyway. As one of two girls born to a father who desperately wanted a son, we had every cool boys toy on the market - slot cars, train sets, remote control cars and more Lego than you could poke a stick at. There was one year when Dad caved in to our repeated requests and allowed Santa to bring a Barbie doll for each of us (Twist n Twirl for me and Peaches and Cream for my sister). But sadly for those dolls I seem to recall that both of them ended up sporting really bad crew cut haircuts with matching dye jobs compliments of Nan's stash of food colouring. Those dolls didn't stand a chance.

It didn't do us any harm though being fed a steady diet of boy stuff. We are both pretty damn girly girls these days. I never leave the house without make-up, I love to bake and sew and I own way way way too many pairs of shoes. Don't even start me on my sister - she is always floored at the airport when they do the explosive test on her because of the hilarity of the prospect that she could actually put something like that together herself!

But as there is a little girl currently growing in my tummy (according to at least three medical professionals), it is probably only a matter of time before girly stuff starts to infiltrate my world. I'm just not entirely sure that I'm up for super girly girl stuff like cupcakes being eaten by unicorns while fairies sing songs to them about ballet dancers. Perhaps I'll just have to find a way to put my own take on it all.

Actually that gives me a few ideas. Watch this space, some girly designs are definitely in the pipeline.