Mini Mayhem boys clothes

To market to market...

This little piggy is going to market. Mathilda's Market that is. We are very much looking forward to our first Mathilda's Market on 19 November 2011. These markets are absolutely gorgeous, with so many beautiful talented people selling their wares for little people and lots of fun kid-friendly activities as well.

So it is action central around Mini Mayhem HQ at the moment. There are new designs being finalised including two for girls (well one definitely, the other one is causing some angst), another one inspired by the terrible tantrums that we all dread (I had one the other day in a carpark - my favourite) and one using those cute little toy army men, that are fun to play with but not so fun to accidentally stand on. Shirts are being ordered, as well as some tote bags that will be great for carrying library books. Then the real fun will begin with the printing.

This is all as well as juggling our latest addition, who is about to turn 8 weeks old. It is definitely a busy place around here at the moment. But it is a lot of fun and we are all still smiling (well, most of the time).

PS. The image is one of our designs that I've had for a while but haven't gotten around to printing. A cute interpretation of one of our favourite nursery rhymes.