Mini Mayhem boys clothes

Get ready for the mayhem to begin!

A lifetime ago I was studying fine art at uni and was a very creative little soul. Somewhere along the way I decided I had to sell that soul and get a responsible and boring job. Not sure why. Perhaps I listened to "those" people.

It wasn't a total loss though as while studying for the previously mentioned boring job I met the love of my life. Cut to the present and I am lucky enough to have married that guy, we have a beautiful and very funny 2 1/2 year old boy (O) and in the very near future we will complete our family with a lovely little girl who is presently growing in my tummy.

I still love to be creative. My husband thankfully puts up with the mess that usually accompanies such creativity. I get a real kick out of making things for the little O to wear that express his quirky little personality. At the moment the usual boy things feature quite heavily - diggers, fire trucks and dinosaurs. And that is how Mini Mayhem was born.

Now your little people can also share the t-shirt love - check out the designs on Made it and on facebook - we have plenty of new designs in the pipeline so make sure you check back in soon.