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Tutorial: Reindeer nose gifts for friends

I had to put my thinking cap on this year for school friend gifts as our school has a no candy cane policy and his teacher is pretty tough on any sugar consumption (which is completely a good thing).

My original plan was to put together a little notebook and pencil for each kiddo so I headed off to the local cheap shop to find supplies.  It was there that inspiration struck...

Clown noses!!!!

Or as I saw them, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer noses!  

I whipped up a little picture and Christmas greeting to use as the backing board for Rudolph's nose.  You don't have to be a chronic over-achiever like me, I've made a printable for you so you can just download the PDF and print it out.  You can do that here.

Obviously you don't want yours to be from Oliver D so I've left the box blank for your kiddo to fill in their name.

All you really need to do once you've printed it out is to cut them up.

Then take a shot of all of your super cute shiny red noses lined up.  Oh wait, you don't need to do this, but it just looks so lovely that you may just want to.  Go on!

Then just carefully wrap your clown, I mean Rudolph nose around the card and you are done.  

Sure to get at least a few squeals of delight, this easy peasy pressie is a great sugar free Christmas gift alternative.  

*this printable may be downloaded for your personal use.  You may share this tutorial on your own blog but please credit Thanks for being so lovely.