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Books we love: This moose belongs to me

I've told you before how much we love the books by Oliver Jeffers, so don't act surprised when I tell you about every single one of them.  Seriously, we love them THAT much!!

'This moose belongs to me' is about Wilfred, a rather small boy who seems to be able to wander around without any parental supervision whatsoever.  Thankfully, Wilfred owns a pet moose called Marcel.  Marcel does not like to follow the rules imposed upon him by Wilfred, such as "Rule 7 [subsection b] maintaining a certain proximity to home" but he is quite good at "Rule 4 not making too much noise while Wilfred plays his record collection".

You might be starting to gather that perhaps Wilfred does not really own Marcel at all.  This becomes even more apparent when Marcel trots off with Wilfred in tow to visit a little old lady who is calling him Rodrigo.  Shock.  Gasp.

This quirky little story about the nature of wild animals is accompanied by some seriously spectacular illustrations.  Jeffers' usual bobble headed people and scribbly text bubbles are set against the background of sweeping mountainous landscapes captured in oil paints.  It is an incongruous mix that somehow works well. 

You will be pleased to know that despite the potential for an unhappy ending, Wilfred manages to come to terms with the nature of his relationship with Marcel.  Or Rodrigo, depending on who you are talking to.