Mini Mayhem boys clothes

Cops and Robbers birthday party

When we were kids we had this great book called "Cops and Robbers".  So when Ollie declared a few months ago that he wanted a police party, this was my party inspiration. 

In typical party fashion I went completely over the top with the effort (thankfully not the $$).  But it is always worth it when they see the house decorated and check out the birthday cake. 

The goody bags (made from some calico I had sitting around the house and a bit of permanent pen).

The cake!!! This is always my favourite bit and is probably more for me than the kids.  But I just get such a kick out of seeing Ol and my cake plan come to life.  He really had some creative input this  year and sat down with me and drew it.  He wanted a jail inside the wall too which would have been pretty cool, but you've got to draw the line somewhere.  Thankfully he was so impressed with this creation that the missing jail never came up. 

You can't have a cops party without donuts!!

This guy was our pin the mask on the robber.  In what has become a bit of a tradition the winner may possibly have been able to see through their blindfold.  It is always a girl too.  Us girls are sneaky like that.  Good for her for being clever. 

Even Eve's Rella doll got in on the act with her own robber mask.  

And what cops party would be complete without a suspect fingerprint station?  

The birthday boy (now changed into a Superman costume) with his cake.

It was a great little party.  Everything came together beautifully.  Everyone had fun.  Only limited sugar craziness took place.  Every child won a prize.

Now just have to start working on the theme for his sixth birthday party...