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Books we love: Oliver Jeffers

Today's "books we love" isn't just about a single book.  It is about one author who has made many awesome books that we just love as a family.

We seem to like to collect things around here.  Not the usual things like china dolls or stamps, but if we come across something we really like, say a good book, then we might just have a little tendency to rush out and buy the whole collection.

Enter Oliver Jeffers.

Our first book of his "Heart in a bottle" was bought as a present for our Oliver.

The topic of this book - how to mend a broken heart after the loss of someone dear - wasn't exactly the right choice for our little guy, but it started our love of this author.

Jeffer's illustrations are a truly spectacular combination of many mediums - pen, coloured pencils, watercolours, oils, collage, handwritten text and computer imagery.  Each page is a different visual journey that kids (and adults) will delight in.

One of our other favourites "Up and down" is the story of two best friends, a boy and a penguin, and their quest to help the penguin fulfil his dream of flying.  Not surprisingly, being a flightless bird, this quest doesn't exactly go to plan.  He does eventually end up in the air alone after being fired out of a circus cannon! But some things are better shared with a friend. Thankfully it all turns out alright in the end.

Get yourself a taste of Jeffers' awesomeness with some of his great videos:
If you weren't already keen on him, watch this one to check out his process and to have a little giggle at what a funny guy he is.
And his one shows him collaborating with U2 (U2 - seriously!!!)

Then once you are suitably hooked, head over here to order some of his books for yourself.