Mini Mayhem boys clothes

Lego as far as the eye can see

I've told you before that I LOVE Lego.  I really do.

But even my love of Lego has been tested of late with all the little Lego minifig t-shirts I've been printing.  Since we launched our Lego t-shirt things have been pretty crazy around here.  The pre-sale went exceptionally well and at our first market with them we had people rushing in on opening to get one before they started to sell out.

I am thrilled to pieces that things are starting to take off.  And I especially love that it is a Lego shirt that is responsible for our increase in sales, traffic etc. A smidge of serendipity about it.

So welcome to all the newcomers and thanks for sticking around to the old faithfuls.  I'm glad you love our Lego shirt as much as we do.  But stay tuned because I'm working on a little something that touches on one of my other loves - gaming!