Mini Mayhem boys clothes

Happy little campers

We camped a lot as kids growing up.  My dad would bravely pack my sister and I up along with a 4WD filled with all the necessities and a few luxuries too (portable loo and fridge - definitely make like easier!).  We then headed off to all kinds of amazing places.  Being in North Queensland it was easy to venture to amazing places like the Daintree rainforest and even on a beach in an aboriginal mission up past Cooktown.  It was pretty special stuff and the experiences have definitely helped to make me into the person I am today.

So naturally I had hoped that camping would feature in the lives of my two beautiful children.  A perfect chance to tech down for a few days and all be together, finding new adventures.  

Well this weekend past we had the chance to dip our toes into the camping pool.  It definitely wasn't camping, more like glamping, with us staying in a safari tent in a campground.  We went along with four other couples and a total of nine children all under four.  Madness you might think?  You might be right, but it sure was a great kind of crazy.

We had such a great time that we have spent the time since dreaming of future camping trips and we are definitely planning to ask Santa to bring us some proper camping gear.  

Here is the Mini Mayhem family in all their madness.  We were taking a pic on the auto timer when the camera tilted a little - we thought we'd just lean a little to compensate!

And just because we were out bush there was no excuse for our little fellows to look anything less than gorgeous.  In fact you would be forgiven for thinking the trip was sponsored by Mini Mayhem, what with all the shirts that were spotted amongst the wilderness!