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An Awesome Book

We recently bought an awesome book.  Not just an awesome book, but "An Awesome Book".

This book was written by Dallas Clayton, a father who wanted to make a book for his son about the importance of dreaming big.

The book talks about how some people stop dreaming amazing dreams and lose all possibility of thinking super things.  Instead they dream of things like furniture, owning matching silverware or wishing for a car (not one that runs on jellybeans either).

Clayton has even made the book available to read online at

Go and check it out.  It is one of those amazing and inspiring books that make you remember when you were a kid and you thought absolutely anything was possible, as long as you could imagine it.  I'm not sure when it is that you stop feeling this way but this book is a beautiful reminder of the importance of believing in rocket-powered unicorns and teeny tiny trumpet players training pet raccoons.