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Friday night, well sort of!

Friday nights aren't the crazy heading to the pub/club/bar nights of the past.

Don't get me wrong, I am always keen to kick my heels up, celebrate the end of the week that was and ease into the weekend ahead.  It's just that you are more likely to find me sipping a glass or five of bubbles on the couch than lining up for a drink at the hottest new place to be seen.

Chances are it is a bit of a slap dash meal (without a vegetable in sight) before pushing the kiddos off to bed.  Then the couch and I get reacquainted, with a tasty cold beverage and a few social media platforms to explore.  If everything goes well you might find me dabbling with a few youtube videos and before you know it I'm back to my happy place - a good old lip sync battle.  None of these tickle my fancy quite like the original bench mark of Paul Rudd rocking out some Queen.  If you haven't seen it you really should do yourself a favour.

Nothing quite says to me that the weekend has landed like that Paul Rudd pelvic thrust!

* You might find yourself scratching your head and wondering why I am rambling on about Friday nights when it is only Thursday.  Well tonight is Easter Thursday, also known as the best Friday night of the year. The ultimate four day long weekend that feels like it will last forever.