Mini Mayhem boys clothes


We live in the most amazing little patch of the world.  Right on Moreton Bay we have gorgeous islands and beaches practically on our doorstep while we can also be in the city in only 30 minutes.  

Although we haven't always lived here.  Despite spending the majority of my life based in Brisbane, I had absolutely no idea that this gorgeous spot existed until five years ago when we were given the amazing opportunity to live in a house in Manly.  Of course we jumped at the chance and despite initially thinking it would only be for a year or two, five years on we are completely hooked on this place and can't ever see ourselves leaving.

To celebrate our five years we hosted what was known as our "Manlyversary"!  A chance to have some of our favourite people from the area around for a good old fashioned shindig.

Near summer weather meant that it had to be an outdoor affair.  I was thinking long table, twinkling lights and old school punch.  With that as a brief, I think we pretty much nailed it.