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Princesses, Knights & Dragons fourth birthday party

What other kind of party would our sweet little pea want than a princess party of course!  Well, she asked for a Frozen party first but that was never going to pass muster with me.  I successfully negotiated to extend the theme to Princesses, Knights and Dragons to keep the boys happy and then got to work on another low key, laid back birthday party (ha ha ha!).

This party was the first one we have had with a nice big yard so I crossed my fingers and hoped for good weather.  I wasn't disappointed, with one of those glorious winter days that aren't really that cold and with not a cloud in the sky.

I took full advantage of the yard by setting up a bunch of carnival games to keep the guests entertained - feed the dragon (throwing beanbags through the mouth of a cut out dragon), crown toss (quoits with crowns instead of hoops) and knock em down cans.  I threw in a bit of craft with making crowns and tiaras out of gold pipe cleaners, colouring in, twirling ribbons on sticks and blowing giant bubbles (that popped a little too quickly).  

The kiddos had a blast tearing around working all that sugar off.  After about two hours when they started to melt down a bit we made balloon swords and sent them home with goody bags of homemade play dough, stickers and a few lollies.  

In my usual fashion I ordered a simple sponge cake from Coles went ridiculously over the top with a Princess castle made from about 2kg of icing.  I'm getting to be quite the dab hand at this so I've figured out how to cheat a little and cover cardboard rolls and ice-cream cones to make the turrets.  They say the devil is in the details and it all really came together with the many little flowers, vines and bushes as well as the stone path across the moat.  Eve said she wanted a princess and a dragon on there too but I have to draw the line somewhere so I told her they were inside sleeping.  

Another successful party done and dusted.  As usual I cracked jokes about going to McDonalds for our next birthday party but I know I'm not fooling anyone.  Now time to get the thinking cap on for Ol's 7th birthday party.