Mini Mayhem boys clothes

Mum's the word: my Mother's Day wish list

It's Mother's Day next weekend.  

Since I've only just bought myself a new pair of fluffy slippers and a leopard print dressing gown, I thought I might need to give the husband and kids a few suggestions to kick things off.  

I'm not really expecting a great gift grab - a handmade card from the kids, something bizarre from the stall at school (last year I got a flower shaped salt shaker!) and a little gift they've each chosen from the local shops. 

But it's always nice to let your mind wander a little... - Throw glitter in today's face letterpress ($50) - The big cookout picnic blanket ($90) - Big Doug waterproof giant cushion ($200) - Velma Dress - blue strawberries ($145) - Petra nail polish ($20) - Dot dash scarf ($129) - In my garden necklace ($62) - Gold digger mini clutch ($79)