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Tutorial: how to paint glass louver windows

There is a place I love in Bali called Sea Circus.  Think mojitos and delicious ceviche as well as a truly gorgeous little fit out.  One of the sweetest bits is the brightly coloured glass louvers that run along the front of the restaurant.

Not happy just to get my coloured glass fix while on holidays, I wanted to bring this little pop of colour back home.  We have a panel of glass louvers in our bathroom that were a little on the m'eh side.  I was contemplating having some coloured glass cut when suddenly inspiration struck - why can't I just paint the glass??


Within an hour I had some gorgeous painted glass louver windows, thanks to a couple of ingredients that most of us would have already in the house.

Do you want to spruce up some glass at your place?  Then you will need:

- clear craft glue
- a paintbrush
- food colouring
- water
- a small bowl


I don't have a strict formula for how to mix the "paint" but as a general guide I used about a tablespoon of glue to three to four drops of food colouring and up to a teaspoon of water.

Then I just mixed it together before painting the mixture onto the glass pane.  My first attempt was a little too runny and resulted in a few streaks and drips.  After that I reduced the water by a little and in no time at all I had my whole panel of louvers painted.

I was over the moon with the result.  For zero dollars and less than an hour I had my very own slice of Sea Circus at home.  Now if I only someone could bring me some ceviche and a mojito or two!

But what if you are renting and still want to paint your windows?  Or perhaps you're just not sure if brightly coloured windows are the look you'll be crushing on in 12 months?  Worry not, this isn't a permanent fix - the glue will just scratch or wear off.  Here is a shot of one of the louvers that I wanted to redo.  It was the first one I did and had a few streaks on it.  Just a quick rub of my thumb over the dry (by a few days) glue and the original glass was revealed.  

Obviously check your own windows before painting all of them in case the layer of dust and dirt on mine provided a different result.