Mini Mayhem boys clothes

Room inspiration: going dotty at Ikea

With the amount of crap my kids drop on the floor each and every day, I am a HUGE fan of anything that helps me to get the stuff up and out of the way.

Enter these gorgeously colourful hooks.  Now sweet little hooks have been rocking it in kiddo rooms for a while now with some great crafty options available for sale out there.  So what is it that I am loving so much about these ones?  One word.  IKEA.  

I don't need much of an excuse to jump in the car and head 30 minutes down the highway.  I could save $20 on a rug but then spend $200 on things I didn't even know I needed.  Not to mention the money spent on swedish meatballs, I mean right??

So at only $9.99 for a set of five I could totally justify a spotty space like the one above.  Well, just to keep the crap off the floor...