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Books we love: Caps for sale

This book isn't just a book we love in this house, but one that was loved in my childhood home about 30 years ago.  

In print now for over 50 years, 'Caps for sale' by Esphyr Slobodkina is the tale of a peddler who falls asleep under a tree with a pile of hats on top of his head.  Upon waking he discovers that his hats are missing.  Worse than this, they appear to have been appropriated by some very cheeky monkeys who are the occupants of the tree he fell asleep next to.

Not surprisingly, monkey business ensues.  The peddler shakes his fist, then both of his fists.  He stomps his foot, then both feet.  All the while those naughty little monkeys just copy him and say "tsz tsz tsz".

Many giggles have been had in our house when this book is read.  It is hard not to have a good belly laugh when trying to wave both fists, stomp both feet and say "tsz tsz tsz".  We have such a silly time that this book is not to be read at nap or bedtime, as it makes us all too giggly! 

As well as a great story, the illustrations are gorgeous and the colours used are positively dreamy.  This classic tale is an absolute winner in our house.  We hope you and your littlies love it too.