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Birthday parties: Eve's 2nd birthday

You might be wondering why on earth I am telling you about Eve's 2nd birthday party when she is now 3 and a half.  Well while tidying up the blog the other day I realised that I had never ever shared any photos of this party with you.  How could that possibly be???

So please excuse the tardiness and enjoy the party.

 The theme was Nursery Rhymes and Little Golden Books.  The invite was based on a cover of a little Golden Book featuring many favourite characters from the rhymes.

Naturally I went overboard with the cake.  Humpty Dumpty hung out with the dish and the spoon, some sheep, five little ducks, a baby rocking in a tree top and a spider.  The amount of sugar icing on this was truly amazing.  There was also some cake underneath all of that too.

I can't even remember what I put in the party bags, but they sure looked cute!  I made little badges (boy ones and girl ones) to seal up the handmade bags.  

Some Little Golden Books were sacrificed in the making of this party.  I wasn't really comfortable with this initially but I soon got into the swing of things, turning pages into bunting to decorate the house.

So we could remember how much our sweet little pea had grown in the past 12 months I had a photo from each month mounted on a Little Golden Book cover.  I also put together a slideshow which runs on the TV through our apple TV.

For entertainment we had none other than Tim Jackman, King of the Kids.  If you haven't heard of Tim then you need to check him out.  He is an absolute Rock God in the eyes of my children.  We have been seeing Tim at the State Library since Ol was about 4 months old.  His CD is always on high rotation at our place and is just the perfect combination of nursery rhymes, kazoo and a bit of cheekiness.  The idea of Tim playing at our house was nearly too much for Ol and he spent most of the party by Tim's side.  Groupie

Everyone rocked out, much kazoo was played and sugar highs were enjoyed by all.  Just a standard birthday party around here really.

Sorry it has taken so long, but don't worry - we've got a sixth birthday coming up in just a few weeks.  Time to go and stock up on sugar icing!