Mini Mayhem boys clothes

Bookweek costume: The Gruffalo

Ol is a huge fan of the Gruffalo.  You might recall that his fourth birthday was a Gruffalo theme.

So when Book Week rolled around for 2014 I wasn't especially surprised that he requested a Gruffalo costume.

With time a bit thin on the ground and a budget of zero dollars I had to put my creative hat on for this one.  In the end it turned out quite well.  An oversized brown t-shirt that I put elastic around the bottom so it bunched up and created a rounded look.  I shortened the sleeves and made them the right size for his little five year old arms.  Add some purple felt triangles to the back (for purple prickles of course!) and that part was already done.

The detail was all in the head.  I used the same pattern that I created for our dinosaur dress up hats with the same brown t-shirt material and I stuck some ears on out of this fabric as well. The features were all cut out from felt and very sketchily sewn on by hand and I added a piece of velcro to keep it all secure to his head.

The super scary clawy paws were from a bear dress up costume that we already had.

Oh help. Oh no. It's a Gruffalo!!!!!