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Snow White party

Our little miss turned three this weekend.  The theme?  It had to be Snow White for this little princess.

As some of you know, we take parties pretty seriously around here (maximum effort, minimum cash) and this was no exception.  I really wanted to avoid using any licensed party stuffs so as usual there was lots of crafty work to be done.

 For party activities we decorated apple shaped cookies and we had an extremely tough to crack homemade apple piñata.  But the real fun was in the simplest of simple ideas - a good old fashioned table fort.  Chuck a few lanterns on top and a sign and you've got yourself "Grumpy's Mine" - the perfect place to hide out and scarf party food.

We also played "Pass the poison apple" instead of pass the parcel but it was a bit of a dud with our crowd who were either too shy or too cool to faint dramatically if they were the ones left holding the apple when the music stopped.  The game morphed into "duck duck goose" which went down a lot better.

The food was a lot of fun.  We had apple cupcakes, gem jellies, and lots of fresh apples.  Oh, and the cake.  In keeping with tradition I managed to turn a huge quantity of sugar and food colouring into something sure to delight my little party guests.  Thankfully my fellow party mums are good sports about my tendency to go a little over the top in the cake stakes now.  Although one of them did joke that she needs to go into therapy after each of our parties!

Our little girl guests received red hair bands when they arrived and the little guys got white beards.  These looked cute but were super itchy so not too many of them stayed on for long.  The ones that did managed to catch lots of food crumbs!

 As always it was a great party.   Not because the cake was great or the piñata was homemade or the jellies were cut into beautiful square shapes.  The party rocked because our little miss had all of her favourite friends and family around her, lots of fun was had and she got to wear a gorgeous new party dress!!