Mini Mayhem boys clothes

Finders Keepers - Brisbane

Have you been to the Finders Keepers markets before?

They are held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne twice a year and they are really a big deal.

Not a big deal in a self-important, hoity toity kind of way.  But in a cannot be missed, block these days out in your calendar way.

The Brisbane markets are held at the Old Museum in Spring Hill which is a gorgeous building.  Its halls groan with lots of clever brands and crafters from all around this country of ours.  Their gorgeous wares include jewellery, homewares, clothing, art, toys - you name it, someone is probably making it.  It is definitely the best of the best and the quality is of the highest standard.  

And if the shopping isn't enough for you, the grounds are littered with lots of different and delicious food vendors (like truly good ones).  You can grab yourself some dumplings (always my choice) and a homemade lemonade which you can enjoy on a comfy cushion or rug while you listen to the sweet sounds of one of the many talented musicians who will be there.

Then you can pop back inside and say hello to us, for we are lucky enough to be bringing Mini Mayhem along to exhibit.  We are super pumped about this (insert the highest of high fives all round) and we can't wait to meet you all there.