Mini Mayhem boys clothes

Saturday afternoon shopping

We are lucky enough to live just a stones throw away from a little strip that just happens to house fourteen op shops. Yep you heard me right, 14!!!

I can often be found there on a daycare day pushing the baby between aisles in the hunt for treasures. Recent scores include our nearly 100 year old (& in amazingly good nick) piano, vintage sheets for dress sewing and a new bench to use to screen print Mini Mayhem.

So when the little people napped at the same time today and Mr Mini Mayhem was happy to kick back with the baby monitor, I scooched down for a quick squiz around.

The scores included some cute knitted goodies for the baby and some great books for the boys (big and small). All for the bargain price of $9.

But no gorgeous sheets or fabric for dresses. And no wallpaper for the dollhouse we are currently making. Oh well, looks like the baby and I might be stopping back next week.

Check out the second pic for proof of how cute our little pea looks in her goodies!